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Dental Checkups in Silver City, NM

Make the healthy and happy smile of your dreams a reality when you prioritize regular dental checkups in Silver City, NM. As a family dental practice, we make it easy and affordable to schedule an appointment for everyone you love. Get the regular dental exams and other services you need to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. Sherman Dental features a modern facility that is located near where you live and work.

Take advantage of our broad array of dental services, including regular examinations and checkups. When you see a dentist regularly, you are better able to identify potential issues before they become a painful inconvenience. Our dental professionals will carefully examine your teeth and gums, and recommend any services that may help improve your ability to communicate and eat the way you want.

Our teeth cleanings help you to keep your smile looking its best, without a great deal of expense. Regular cleanings help you to improve your heart health, and they give us an opportunity to recommend any changes to your diet or your approach to brushing. There is nothing like the clean and confident feeling after a full teeth cleaning. A clean and healthy mouth can make a big difference in your career and your personal relationships as well.

Patient Having Dental Examination in Silver City, NM

Detailed Dental Exams

Get a clear picture of your overall dental health when you take advantage of our annual or semi-annual dental exams. Our team carefully examines every tooth in your mouth to determine if any issues are on the horizon. These examinations can also determine the condition of your jaw and the extent of any bone loss that may have resulted from a missing or damage tooth. The space left by a lost tooth can result in increased instability and bone loss.

After an examination, we may recommend additional dental services that can improve your ability to eat and smile. During the course of an implant consultation, we may recommend the installation of dental implants. These implants stop the bone loss in your jaw and provide a solid base for replacement teeth or dentures.

Transformational Teeth Cleanings

Get your teeth looking their best with regular teeth cleanings from our dental team. When you make regular dental hygiene a priority, you can open doors with your white smile and fresh breath. Connect with the people most important to you, and give them something to smile about when you make our dentist a part of your approach to healthcare.

Contact us today to get all of your dental checkups at an office with high-end equipment. We proudly serve patients in Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, and Gila, New Mexico, and surrounding communities.