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Dental Crowns in Silver City, NM

Restore the form and function to your smile after cracking or damaging a tooth when you take advantage of our dental crowns in Silver City, NM. A damaged tooth may prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods and smile the way you are used to. The team at Sherman Dental is ready to create customized tooth crowns that cap the damaged tooth with ease.

Rebuild your smile and start enjoying life again with our realistic tooth crowns and other dental appliances. After an exhaustive review of your entire smile, our team will recommend one or multiple crowns for the damaged teeth in question. Years of grinding and wear may have left your teeth in serious need of restoration. Depending on the condition of the teeth in question, we may recommend a crown or another approach to restoration.

If you have lost a filling that was applied after a cavity was found, we are capable of creating customized dental inlays that will fill that gap. When extensive damage has robbed you of the bite surface of an entire tooth, our creative dental professionals are ready to design functional dental onlays that look authentic as well.

Resilient Tooth Crowns

Cover any cracked or damaged tooth with our resilient tooth crowns, and restore the form and function to your entire smile. You will be ready to take a big bite out of life when you have realistic replacement structures for damaged and deteriorating teeth. When you suffer a serious crack in a particular tooth, you may be at a greater risk of infection or total tooth loss. These crowns cap the damaged area and allow you to communicate and masticate the way you always did in the past.

Dental Crown in Silver City, NM

Same Day Crowns

You get a broad array of treatment options when you take advantage of our advanced facilities and experienced team of dental professionals.

Should a serious injury require a more extensive restoration; our dental onlays are also an option. This process recreates the upper structure of the tooth you are interested in saving. Once your onlay has been installed, you may want to inquire about the treatment options provided by our TMJ dentist.

Contact us today to strengthen the look and feel of your smile with our dental crowns. We proudly serve patients in Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, and Gila, New Mexico, and surrounding communities.