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Dentures in Silver City, NM

Take a bite out of life without hesitation or embarrassment with our dentures in Silver City, NM. Sherman Dental has a cosmetic dental solution for every member of your family, both young and old. The prospect of losing all the teeth you had is a traumatic experience that may leave you cut off from the world you love. Communication is difficult and all of your favorite foods become impossible to eat.

Make an appointment with our denture dentist and see how easy it can be to reclaim the functional smile you need. Depending on the number of existing teeth you wish to save, our team can create either a set of full dentures, or partial dentures for the upper or the lower arc of teeth. These dentures are kept securely in place by our strategic dental implants, and the bone-density in your jaw will be strengthened as well.

Our team is capable of creating a realistic and functional set of teeth that will give you back your life. Whether an accident has robbed you of the teeth you love, or general neglect was the gradual culprit, our dentures can make a difference in your life. Even if you are not concerned with the cosmetic appearance of missing teeth, you need a functional set to talk with friends and eat the foods you need to stay healthy. Make the call to our team of professionals and start smiling with a level of confidence you have not experienced in years.

A Denture Dentist in Your Corner

A complete loss of teeth can happen to anyone, even those who are meticulous in caring for their pearly-whites. When you find yourself in this situation, the dentists and denture professionals at our office are ready with solutions. Sit down with one of our denture dentist, and learn how our dentures can give you the confidence you need to re-enter the workforce. Start dating again and reconnect with the people you have come to love and respect.

Smile the way you want to again with a set of full dentures. This new dental appliance is created to fit your mount specifically, and our dental implant dentist is prepared with the screws needed to keep your dentures in place. If any remaining teeth are in need of extraction, our facility is prepared for such a procedure without complication.

Patient Smiling in Mirror in Silver City, NM

Partial Dentures That Perform Like Natural Teeth

If a situation has robbed you of your upper or lower arc of teeth, and the remaining arc is in great shape, there is an alternative to full dentures. Our team can create partial dentures that secure safely to your existing implants. We have built one practice capable of meeting the needs of everyone in your family. Give us a call and make optimal dental health a priority for everyone you love.

Contact us today to enjoy better digestion and the increased confidence that comes from a new set of dentures. We proudly serve patients in Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, and Gila, New Mexico, and surrounding communities.