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Live Freely with Dentures in Silver City, NM

Tooth loss does more than harm your smile: It affects your speech, your diet, and the ability to live life normally. Moreover, it can break down your confidence and prevent you from doing the things you once enjoyed. But you deserve to live how you want. At Sherman Dental, we empower patients to restore their smile. We are your dental practice for dentures in Silver City, NM. With the help of our experienced dental care team, you will gain the resources and assistance you need to smile fully once again.

Teeth are more than a critical component to a selfie: They are the tools that uphold your overall dental health. Your teeth work together to keep each other in place, and they also determine the shape of your jaw and gum line. Without them, you face a myriad of problems, such as the breakdown of gum tissue and soft bone. They also influence your bite, which affects your eating habits and speech.

Age, accidents, and extraordinary life circumstances can rob you of your teeth--and quality of life. However, tooth loss never means you should settle for less. Restore your smile with our dentures specialist. We facilitate dental care treatments that bring back the look, feel, and function of your teeth. Whether you require a complete set of dentures or partials, we will work with you to complete a treatment program that best fits your needs.

Your Partner in Restorative Dentistry

Dentures are a potentially life-changing procedure. Of course, as with any medical treatment, we understand that you may have concerns. Work with a dentist who understands your concerns. As a family dental practice, we are committed to providing compassionate and upfront care that prioritizes the patient. Our team listens first and then offers relevant solutions. Dentures are an investment, so we want you to feel completely confident about your options so you can make the right decision.

A common component of dentures treatment includes other restorative procedures, such as the fitting of dental implants. These implants form the foundation for most prosthodontic devices. Depending on your situation, your procedure may also require oral surgery that involves teeth extractions. Rest assured, our dentures dentist is with you at each step of your treatment to ensure you arrive at the right results.

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When you decide that you need dentures, we will work together to ensure treatment is as simple as possible. Two of the most popular types of dentures are permanent and removable devices. Our team will cooperate with you and your insurer so that you may choose a treatment that best fits your situation.

Contact us and request an appointment for dental partials. We serve the community of Silver City, NM, including Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, Gila, and the surrounding area.