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Oral Surgeon in Silver City, NM

Establish a relationship with one dental office that features the most advanced equipment in the business and a team that includes an oral surgeon in Silver City, NM. Many dentists in the area refer their patients to an oral surgeon when an impacted tooth needs to be removed, or an implant installed. But the team at Sherman Dental is prepared to provide you with any type of oral surgery you may need.

When the look and feel of your smile are threatened in any way, you are most likely going to need a surgeon capable of installing implants and extracting damaged teeth. In many cases, a crowded mouth may need healthy teeth removed. If you are faced with the prospect of a deteriorating jaw or temporomandibular joint pain, you need an experienced surgeon that is ready to move as soon as possible.

Choose a dental office that has a periodontics specialist on staff. If your gums and ligaments have become an issue in your daily life, you may need periodontal surgery. This process may be able to restore the form and function of your gums, while relieving you of any pain you may be suffering. Sit down with our periodontal dentist after you have suffered any type of gum damage, and see what may be possible without delay.

Dental Equipment in Silver City, NM

Affordable Oral Surgery

Instead of living with the pain of a gum injury, or taking a chance on an impacted tooth, make the call to our office and schedule an appointment for an examination. If oral surgery is needed, our facility is ready to serve your needs. Our process begins with a full examination of your overall dental health. This includes X-rays and a physical inspection of your teeth and gums.

This office is equipped with the advanced technology needed for safe surgery. This should put your mind at ease the moment you experience any pain that could need a surgical solution. A painful tooth may be a leading indicator of a greater gum infection that needs immediate treatment.

Specialized Treatment from Periodontics Professionals

The condition of your gums is an integral part of your overall dental health. When your gums are irritated or infected, our periodontics team is ready to help. Periodontal surgery may be called for when the form and function of gums is at risk. When a catastrophic accident damages your teeth and gums, our periodontal dentist may recommend surgery and dental crowns.

Contact us today to see what our fully-licensed oral surgeon can do for you and your family. We proudly serve patients in Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, and Gila, New Mexico, and surrounding communities.