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Restorative Dentistry with Dental Partials in Silver City, NM

Missing teeth may mean that you are missing out on life’s little joys. Pursed grins replace smiles. Eating is more of a chore than an activity. Speaking doesn’t feel as fluid as it used to. At Sherman Dental, we empower patients to take back what they have lost. We facilitate restorative treatments for dental partials in Silver City, NM. No matter your age or circumstances, our compassionate dental team will provide the care you need.

Restoring your smile is the first step towards living normally once again. Your teeth are tools that you use for eating, speaking, and even sleeping. How your bite forms influence the shape of your mouth. And, missing teeth do more than affect how you perform daily activities. The absence of teeth may cause existing teeth to shift. As a consequence, they may wear away at your gum line and soft bone tissues.

Considering the aforementioned factors and complications, it is important to take the right steps to protect your oral health--and partial dentures may help. As their name suggests, partial dentures take the place of missing teeth. They can replace either the upper jaw or lower jaw. These prosthodontic devices restore the natural fit and feel of your teeth, which improves your overall oral health.

You may require dentures for a variety of reasons. Tooth loss is a key influencing factor, but other leading causes of tooth loss include aging, complications from poor gum health, physical trauma to the face, or extensive and unaddressed tooth decay.

No matter your situation, you may feel at ease in knowing that you do have options. Protect your oral health with our skilled and experienced restorative dentistry team. Our office takes pride in offering care that emphasizes the comfort and dignity of the patient. With us at your side, you will receive the assistance you require to restore your smile--and your confidence.

Patient Smiling with Dental Partials in Silver City, NM

The Dental Practice You Can Trust

You are unique. Therefore, you deserve to work with a dental practice that responds to your needs. Our restorative dentistry team facilitates compassionate care that addresses your concerns. We will work with you to provide comprehensive and affordable treatment for denture partials.

As a people-first dental practice, we are committed to providing oral care solutions that are relevant to you. Therefore, we may include other procedures, such as dental extractions or dental implants, to ensure your new partials fit perfectly into your mouth. Rest assured: we work diligently and carefully so that your treatment proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Contact us and request an appointment for dental partials. We serve the community of Silver City, NM, including Deming, Lordsburg, Cliff, Gila, and the surrounding area.